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Create a Campaign

Cultivate Campaigns allow you to execute a series of touchpoints for off-the-charts time savings! You can setup a campaign to automate many tasks: Send an email, send yourself a reminder to call someone, add them to a MailChimp campaign, add them to a Project Broadcast campaign… and on and on.

Create a Campaign

1) Click the Campaigns submenu item under Cultivate CRM.

2) You will be taken to an admin screen where you can both create a new campaign and edit existing.

3) Give your new campaign a title and description (optional).

4) The Timezone setting affects any part of the campaign that executes at a specific date and time.

5) Choose your touchpoints. The drop-down list will show any touchpoints you’ve created and designated as campaign touchpoints.

6) Specify the Execution Time. The available options are Immediately which means the touchpoint will execute as soon as someone is added to the campaign. Relative Time schedules the touchpoint relative to when someone is added to the campaign (or relative to when the last touchpoint was executed). Exact Date allows for specific date and time to execution.

7) When you click Add Touchpoint to Campaign, your touchpoint will appear in a list of all scheduled touchpoints for this particular campaign. Be sure to click Update on the bottom to save your changes.

Tip: Using automation effectively takes planning and thought. Cultivate Campaigns are designed to flex with a myriad of customer strategies. You can use campaigns to add and remove people from Cultivate Pods, which in turn can sync them with MailChimp and Project Broadcast lists. You can schedule individual messages to be sent automatically, send email reminders to yourself or a team member to touch base via phone call, etc. The most important step is determining how to best nurture your cold market and existing customer base.

8) Make your Cultivate Campaign live! How’s this done? By assigning the campaign to a Cultivate Pod. Simply go to Cultivate CRM > Pods and either create the pod, or edit the one you have waiting.

That’s it! Once you have your game plan down and touchpoints created, setting up a Cultivate Campaign is a walk in the park.

Editing a Campaign

Let’s face it – most of us are always going to need to edit a campaign. Maybe you’ve thought of a new touchpoint you want to add or you need to remove a touchpoint that’s already in play. You can edit a campaign at any time, but people already in process won’t always receive the new changes. New people added to the Cultivate Campaign will get your changes, but those part way through may have already progressed beyond a change you’ve made.

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