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Create Touchpoint

A touchpoint is any type of interaction with a customer. Meetup for coffee, email, phone call, etc. Cultivate Touchpoints are used for both historical notes and future scheduling. Touchpoint scheduling includes both manual and automatic actions.

Create a Cultivate Touchpoint

1) Click the Touchpoints submenu item under Cultivate CRM.

2) Click Add New Touchpoint.

3) Name your touchpoint and then select a Type.

Select Touchpoint Type

As mentioned above, some touchpoints represent manual actions while others are automated. Here are the available touchpoints:

  • Email (Automated) – You can create an email and schedule it to be sent on a certain day, directly from your WordPress site.
  • Text Message (Automated) – Create a text message to be sent on a certain day. This requires a Project Broadcast account.
  • Meeting (Manual) – Set a reminder and/or records notes for an in person meeting.
  • Phone Call (Manual) – Set a reminder and/or record notes from a phone call.
  • General (Manual) – Used for any type of scheduled reminder.
  • Add/Remove Person from Pod (Automatic) – Sometimes campaigns need to add or remove someone from a Cultivate Pod (group). This touchpoint performs this action, but can also be used as a stand alone action.

Assign & Associate a Touchpoint

Cultivate Touchpoints must be assigned to a team member and associated with a customer or campaign.

1) Assign to an individual. Each touchpoint must have an ‘owner’ that is responsible for the customer interaction. When Cultivate CRM sends out an email reminder for a touchpoint, it will be sent to this individual. In order to assign a touchpoint to someone, they must have a WordPress account on your site.

2) Person or Campaign? A touchpoint must be associated with either a Cultivate Person or a Cultivate Campaign. When associated with a Cultivate Person, a touchpoint is scheduled for one individual only. You will be prompted to choose the person in Cultivate to assign it to. When associated with a Cultivate Campaign, the touchpoint is simply an available action to be added to any Cultivate Campaign.

Touchpoint Status

Cultivate touchpoints also have a status. Idle means you’ve created an action, but not scheduled it yet. Executed means a touchpoint has already started. Scheduled means it’s on the calendar!

Recurring Touchpoints

You can make any touch point recurring by clicking the Recurring tab and specifying the settings.

For example, tell Cultivate to send an Email Touchpoint every day, week or month. You can decide when the recurring schedule starts, when it ends and much more!

That’s it! As you experiment with Cultivate Touchpoints, you’ll see how powerful they are. Especially when strategically added into a Cultivate Campaign.

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