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Exporting People

1) Export People to CSV

If you need to export people from Cultivate, you can easily export to a CSV file (the most-common file type for importing and exporting contact lists). From your WordPress admin, navigate to Cultivate CRM > Export People. Select andĀ upload your file. Then clickĀ Continue.

Select the “People” radio button. Then choose either Select All or place checkmarks by the specific people you’d like to export. Click Export People and you’ll see a screen similar to the one below.

Click the link at the bottom to download the CSV file.

2) Export Pods to CSV

Don’t want to export everyone, but only a group of people? Simply choose to export by Cultivate Pod:

The export tool will combine all users from the Cultivate Pods you select. If you want separate CSV files for each pod, export them one at a time. The final screen will look similar to this:

Click the link to download your Cultivate Pod CSV – that’s it!

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