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Opt-In Forms

Cultivate CRM integrates with the wildly popular Contact Form 7 plugin. CF7 is a free form creation plugin with over 5 million active installations. It’s literally the most popular plugin in WordPress history! You simply create a CF7 form and then map the fields to Cultivate CRM. Here’s how you do it:

Install Free Plugins

1) Install the Contact Form 7 plugin. In your WordPress admin click “Plugins” and then “Add New.” Type contact form 7 in the top right search field. You should see a screen similar to the one below. Click Install Now and then Activate.

2) Install the Contact Form 7 Honeypot plugin the same way you installed CF7 (but search for “honeypot” this time).

*This is an optional step. There are different ways to protect your contact forms from SPAM, and CF7 Honeypot is an easy, free one to make a part of your overall strategy. Akismet (from WordPress) will offer more SPAM protection, but they charge a small monthly fee for commercial sites. You can also use Google reCAPTCHA with your CF7 forms. See the support forum for more info.

Add at least one person to Cultivate CRM. Even if it’s just you. A single user must exist for form associations to function.

Create a New Opt-In Form

1) Now it’s time to create your first opt-in form! Look for the “Contact” menu item in the WordPress admin. Click on “Contact Forms” and then click Add New.

2) Give your form a title to help you identify it. Clear out everything on the “Form” tab and replace it with the following:

Copy and Paste:

[text fullname placeholder “Name”][honeypot lastname]
[email email placeholder “Email”][honeypot phone]
[submit “Sign Me Up!”]

So what’re we doing here?

We are adding a text field for “Name.” An email field for their “Email” and a submit button that says “Sign Me Up!” You can change any of these as you wish. Just remember to keep opt-in forms with as few fields as possible.

Tip: When choosing text for your opt-in buttons, make the action something you’ll do for them. Instead of the text saying “Sign Up” which subliminally places the requirement on them, have it say “Sign Me Up” which tells the potential customer that you’re doing the work for them.

3) Click on the “Mail” tab. Here we tell the CF7 form what to do with the information someone submits.

  • Place your email in the To field
  • The From field should be: [fullname] <[email]>
  • Enter a subject that will help you identify the email
  • In the Additional Headers field paste the following: Reply-To: [email]
  • In Message Body copy and paste the text below

Here is the name and email that just opted-in on your website:

Name: [fullname]
Email: [email]

4) Save the form.

Place Your Opt-In Form

With your new form created, it can be placed anywhere on your website. Hopefully you’ve strategically thought about where to place your opt-ins! Simply copy and paste the form’s shortcode into any page or post on your website. The shortcode will be encased in brackets, similar to what you see below (blue area):

That’s it! The next step is to associate the form with Cultivate.


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