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Organize with Pods

You can organize your people with Cultivate Pods. This allows you to easily segment people for marketing campaigns, direct emails and more!

Create a Pod

1) In your WordPress admin, click the “Pods” submenu item under Cultivate CRM. You’ll be presented with a screen that allows you to edit existing pods, and create a new one. Name your new pod and enter a description for yourself if needed.

2) Choose the Cultivate Campaign for this pod will be attached to. This is optional and can be changed later. If a pod is associated with a campaign, then anyone who is added to the pod will immediately enter the campaign automation. A pod can only be associated with a single campaign.

3) Specify whether you want this pod to sync with MailChimp. This is a massive time-saver for incorporating MailChimp email marketing with your CRM. When you check “Yes” you’re presented with the MailChimp groups available on the list API information you entered on the MailChimp Admin page of Cultivate.

Add a Person to a Pod

Simply click on the “People” submenu item in your WordPress admin. Edit the person and on the right hand side, place a checkmark next to the pods you want them listed in. Click the Update button to complete.

Use an Opt-In Form to Add a Person

Cultivate CRM integrates with the wildly popular Contact Form 7 plugin. CF7 is free and with over 5 million active installations, it’s the most popular plugin in WordPress history. You can create a CF7 form, integrate it with Cultivate, and specify a Cultivate Pod to automatically add people to! See the Cultivate Opt-In forms doc for more info.

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