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Project Broadcast

Project Broadcast is the text marketing service we chose to integrate with Cultivate CRM. They offer a dedicated phone number and have plans starting as low as $10 a month. With Project Broadcast, you’re able to send texts from Cultivate CRM via scheduled touchpoints and campaigns.

1) Go to and create your account.

2) In the Project Broadcast web admin go to View API Keys.

3) Highlight and copy your API key.

4) In WP-Admin go to Cultivate CRM > Project Broadcast. Paste in the API key.

5) Specify whether you want to remove people from Project Broadcast Groups when they’re removed from a Cultivate Pod.*

*This will not remove contacts completely from Project Broadcast, but will simply allow you to perform 2-way sync for less administrative overhead. Example: Let’s say you have a New Members pod in Cultivate, and you have this synced with a New Members group in Project Broadcast. If the above option is checked, and someone is removed from the pod they will automatically be removed from the Project Broadcast group.

Sync Pod With Project Broadcast

1) In your WP-Admin go to Cultivate CRM > Pods.

2) Edit the pod you wish to sync with Project Broadcast.

3) At the very bottom, check the’Yes’ radio button.

That’s it! Anyone currently in this pod, or added to the pod in the future will be automatically synced with Project Broadcast. And anyone removed from this pod will be removed from your Project Broadcast group.


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