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Sync a Pod With MailChimp

Cultivate CRM allows you to sync your Cultivate Pods with MailChimp Groups!

Why would you do this?

Let’s say you created an email marketing campaign using MailChimp’s industry-best tools — but the email campaign is only for certain people in your CRM. Simply create a Cultivate Pod and corresponding MailChimp Group and sync them! This allows you to easily tap into the power of MailChimp without the hassle of manually maintaining two lists.

Beautiful, right? Let’s get going — it’s easy:

Create a MailChimp Group

1) This assumes you already have a MailChimp account and have created a list. If not, these things are pretty straightforward. With your list created, in the MailChimp admin go to Lists at the top, then click on your list.

2) Click Manage Contacts and then Groups.

3) Click Create Groups on the right hand side.

4) Leave the top radio button checked (As checkboxes…).

5) Decide on a Category Name. For example, any groups pertaining to your cold market could be under a Cold Market category name.

6) Add/Remove groups.  Use the “minus” sign to remove. The “Add Group” button to add. Click Save when finished. You can edit this category and add more groups later.

Sync Cultivate Pod

This assumes you’ve already created a corresponding Cultivate Pod. Read this doc for info on how to do this. It also assumes you’ve setup your MailChimp API within cultivate. Read the MailChimp Admin doc to see how to do this.

1) In the WordPress admin click the “Pods” submenu item under Cultivate.

2) Edit the pod.

3) On the bottom of the edit screen, select Yes for Add people to MailChimp List.

4) Check the group you want to sync with.

That’s it! This will perform a two-way sync* with Cultivate CRM and MailChimp.

*Note: The two-way sync will perform both add and remove actions for Cultivate CRM and MailChimp. It will not however completely remove someone from Cultivate CRM or your MailChimp list. It will only add and remove from Cultivate Pods and MailChimp Groups. The person will still remain on the primary list.

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