Groups & Segmentation

Groups & Segmentation

Do You Like To Be Organized?

No network marketing CRM is complete without a way to organize your contacts, right? We have you covered with our easy-to-use Cultivate Pods. Pods allow you to segment contacts any way you please. And a contact can be a member of as many pods as required.

Cultivate Pods

Link Pods With Opt-In Forms

Cultivate CRM integrates with the wildly popular (and free) Contact Form 7 plugin. When you associate a CF7 form with Cultivate, you can also select a Cultivate Pod to add people to. This is list segmentation on the fly, without you having to lift a finger or pay extra for pricey WordPress forms. Let’s keep your network marketing costs low!

Launch Automation

Cultivate Pods can be associated with Campaigns to instantly launch a new or existing person into automation. For example, let’s assume you market healthy home cleaning products. You create a landing page with an opt-in form where people can signup for more information. The opt-in form instantly adds the person to a Cultivate Pod which then begins a series of touchpoints (tasks) that begin the process of nurturing this cold lead to a buying customer!

Sync With MailChimp

We’re proud to offer seamless integration with the best email marketing platform on the planet: MailChimp. In the last few years MailChimp has grown leaps and bounds with advanced campaigns and triggers, groups and segmentation, the finest drag-and-drop email builder in town… and MUCH more. Cultivate CRM allows you to sync a Cultivate Pod with a MailChimp Group. This makes contact administration extremely efficient, and boosts your marketing strategy with an entire new set of tools!

The CRM for Network Marketers

We believe in people. In relationships. In actually having time to spend with people by automating your business tasks — specifically your customer relationship management. If you’re a small business owner or network marketing professional, you get it.

Hit us up with any questions you may have. Thanks for your interest in Cultivate CRM!

No Time To Get Things Done?

We know what it’s like. It’s soul crushing. The good news? We’ve created a way for you to do more with less time. It’s not a gimmick. Send us your name and email for the official scoop and a coupon for 25% OFF the solution!